Teeth come in varying shapes, sizes, and colours. If you are unhappy with certain aspects of your teeth, but the structural integrity of the teeth are in good condition, porcelain veneers can be a very good option. Porcelain veneers are very conservative in nature, but can have a very dramatic effect in the enhancement of your smile as they are incredibly natural looking and long-lasting. Veneers can be used to correct minor defects such as; irregular tooth shape, cracks, colour, gaps, and tooth alignment.

During the fabrication of your veneers, it is common to have a trial mock-up done to communicate the vision for the final product. Going through this process will ensure that we achieve the perfect result you have in mind for your smile.

However, the application of veneers may not be suitable in all cases. If you have a ‘tight’ bite or a bite that is ‘off’, it can cause the porcelain veneers to break or fall off. If you know of someone that this has happened to, it is possible it is because they have a bite issue with their back teeth that is interfering with the porcelain veneers of the front teeth. During your consultation with Dr. Wong, we will look for signs that may suggest a discrepancy in your bite. If there is evidence to suggest a bite discrepancy, sometimes, that may mean we need to correct the bite problem in the back before we proceed to the veneers in the front.

If you have questions with regards to porcelain veneers and if they are right for you, please contact us at Mission Park Dental and book your consultation with Dr. Wong today!