Root Canal Therapy

'Root Canal Therapy' also known as endodontic therapy, is perhaps the most commonly feared dental procedure as it is often associated with pain. However, when managed properly the root canal procedure is no more uncomfortable than having a filling placed.

If your tooth needs a root canal, the nerve would have most likely been affected by a deep cavity, a large filling, a crack/fracture in the tooth, trauma, or just stressed by repeated dental procedures. These are all things that can cause the nerve of a tooth to die and result in a painful infected tooth. Sometimes an infection of a tooth can remain painless for a period of time, but eventually if an infected tooth is left untreated, the corresponding infection will cause swelling in the face/neck, destruction to the surrounding bone, and/or an abscess.

The aim of performing a root canal is to remove irritated, inflamed, and infected nerve tissue inside a tooth so that the tooth can remain functional without pain or discomfort.

However, with every root canal procedure, the removal of the tooth's nerve and blood supply may consequently cause the tooth to become brittle over time and be at higher risk for fracturing. To prevent this from happening, a crown may be recommended for your tooth.

If you have a tooth ache, it is advisable to call us immediately to schedule an appointment with Dr. Linda Wong or Dr. Benson Wong at Mission Park Dental in Kelowna before the pain worsens.