Healthy gum tissue and bone are the foundation to a great smile, but because gum disease progresses ‘silently’ (that is to say without symptoms), it is difficult to know or ‘feel’ a problem until the disease is into its later stages.

During each of your preventative hygiene maintenance appointments your dental hygienist will update your medical history, assess the health of your gums, take any diagnostic records necessary, and meticulously scale and polish your teeth to give your oral health the attention is deserves! We do our very best to be as efficient as possible, but if it has been a while since your last hygiene appointment, or if there is a notable deterioration of your gums, we may ask you to return for a second visit to achieve a more thorough clean.

Without the proper attention towards oral care, the bacteria (plaque) will begin to build-up over time, especially in areas that are difficult to access such as areas below the gumline. This build-up of plaque hardens to become tartar (calculus) resulting in inflammation of the gums (known as gingivitis) and can lead to loss of bone which supports the teeth (known as periodontitis). Periodontitis has been shown in studies to be linked with many systemic conditions. We know that periodontitis is an exacerbating factor of heart disease, a contributing factor in producing low birth weight infants, and for individuals with diabetes, periodontitis tends to be significantly more aggressive in its progression. There are also specific factors such as gender, genetics, and medical conditions that can change an individual’s overall risk to gum disease. That is why maintaining your routine exams and preventative hygiene maintenance appointments is a key component in keeping a great smile and overall body wellness.

If you would like to schedule your preventative hygiene appointment please contact Mission Park Dental, and our Kelowna dentists, Dr. Benson and Dr. Linda Wong along with their team will be able to provide you with an assessment of your oral health.