Gum Grafting

Gum grafting is a procedure done to cover exposed roots of teeth and sometimes done to thicken the gum tissue in an area. Because thin gum tissue is more prone to trauma and is less resistant to recession, a gum graft may be recommended to thicken the gum tissue in an area so that it is more durable and thus able to lower the risk of future recession.

Healthy gum tissue around our teeth play a critical role in the esthetics of our smile and serve to protect our teeth as well. The physical barrier that our gums provide our teeth serves to protect them from sensitivity, cavities along the softer root surfaces, and help prevent bone loss.

Traditionally, gum grafting procedures require taking tissue from the roof our mouth and transferring it to the area that needs more gum tissue. The surgical area heals within few days of the surgery, and the gum tissue will fully mature in a few weeks. Another option is the use of donated acellular connective tissue, with this method it eliminates the need to get tissue from the roof of the mouth which will minimize any discomfort even further. Identifying the type and size of recession will help us select the best type of graft option to use. The results can be dramatic in terms of the relief in sensitivity and improvement of esthetics!

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