Covid-19 Update - Sept 9, 2020

As we continue into phase 3 of the BC restart plan, we continue to remain vigilant and limiting our capacity so that we can continue to monitor and control the variables in our workflow and patient flow.

In the past, we have always met or exceeded the universal infection control guidelines set out by our college and going forward it is our commitment to you that we will continue to do the same.

The following protocols have been implemented to ensure your safety and the safety of our team.

• Pre appointment screening questionnaire. We will need you to answer some questions prior to arriving at your appointment.

• Personalized arrival procedures to guide you from your car and into the office. When you arrive for your appointment, please call us from your car so that we can instruct you when to come to the front door.

• We ask that all patients arrive at the office wearing a non-surgical mask or face covering and hand sanitize upon entering the office. Hand sanitizers will be positioned at the front desk and throughout the clinic.

• The waiting room area has been reconfigured to allow for social distancing. We do ask you come alone to your appointment so that the waiting room can be reserved for care givers and guardians of minors.

• Record temperature of every patient upon entering the office prior to providing clinical care. We may ask you to reschedule your appointment if your temperature is suspiciously high. In addition, all of our team members will have temperature recordings twice daily.

• Payment arrangements may be requested in advance to avoid delay and allow contactless exit from the appointment.

• Introduce a hydrogen peroxide oral rinse for all patients prior to clinical treatment to reduce potential viral exposure into the air.

• Slightly longer dental appointment times to prepare and complete all appointment tasks and duties in the safest and most comprehensive manner.

Safety and Sanitization:

• Plexiglass barriers at all reception areas, we ask that you respect these barriers and stay behind them.

• Commonly touched items that are difficult to disinfect such as magazines, toys, and water dispenser have been removed. We will have bottled water upon request.

• Ambient air management with UVC light and MERV 18 (enhanced HEPA) HVAC disinfection filtration units from Surgically Clean Air to trap and effectively kill viruses, bacteria and mold.

• Enhanced personal protection equipment like visors, gowns, and N95 masks for our doctors and team.

• Enhanced operatory disinfection procedures of all surfaces between patients.

• Introduce protocols to reduce or eliminate airborne aerosols during all dental procedures.

• Disinfection of all in-coming mail and packages that enter the building.

Thank you for your cooperation and respecting our protocols to keep everyone safe.