Cosmetic Dentistry

A strong beautiful smile means a healthier and more confident you! Utilizing innovative artistic techniques with the modern scientific research in dentistry, Our Kelowna dentists, Dr. Linda Wong and Dr. Benson Wong can give you the dazzling smile you’ve always wanted!

The first step to improving your smile is a personal consultation. At that reserved time, we take the time to understand your goals and expectations. Because no two people are the same, no two smiles will be the same, which is why we may require photos, x-rays, and models to be able to properly diagnosed and plan your case. Cosmetic dentistry is all about maximizing the results of a smile while minimizing the treatment to achieve it. A minimally invasive treatment that often makes the most dramatic difference to a smile is teeth whitening!

In addition we also offer laser treatments to recontour the gums as well as esthetic crowns and veneers. In certain more complex cases, a bite analysis may be required to aid in the smile make over process to help correct jaw and bite problems first. But no matter where your starting point is or what your esthetic goals are, our highly trained compassionate team at Mission Park Dental in Kelowna can help. We place the emphasis on your long term health and success!