One of the many options to replace missing teeth is a bridge. When missing teeth are left untreated, over time the remaining teeth will begin to shift, rotate, and drift into the space(s). This can lead to recession of the neighboring teeth, asymmetrical wear of the remaining teeth, and overall disharmony between form and function of the smile and bite.

The concept of a bridge is very much like a crown, but instead of one, two crowns are made. One made to fit the tooth in front of the space and the second to fit the tooth behind the space and a corresponding 'fake' tooth is joined to and supported by the two crowns.

For a bridge to be placed, two appointments are required. At the first appointment the teeth are precisely shaped then an impression of the teeth is taken and sent to a dental laboratory to have the bridge fabricated, in the meantime a temporary bridge will be placed to protect the teeth.

This may be a good treatment for you if the adjacent teeth in front and behind the space are requiring crowns already and the missing tooth is a small tooth. However, if they adjacent teeth are not requiring crowns and the space is large, a stronger restoration such as dental implants may be a better option.

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