Complete & Partial Dentures

Throughout the course of our lives, there are many reasons that may cause us to lose our teeth; cavities, periodontal or gum disease, or traumatic accidents. For anyone missing all of, or just some of their teeth, partial or complete dentures may be a cost effective way of restoring your chewing ability, smile, and facial support.

Partial dentures are commonly made with a metal framework while coloured acrylic resin is used to replicate the form and function of our teeth and gums. The remaining teeth are often altered in their shape slightly to accommodate the metal framework and allow for improved retention of the partial denture.

Complete dentures are for situations when no teeth remian in the mouth and hence rely soley on the soft tissue (gums) in the mouth to support and retain them. This may be a viable option for those suffering with chronically infected, painful, or non restorable teeth.

And with the help of modern techniques and decades of scientific research, dental implants can be incorporated with complete or even partial dentures to significantly increase the stability, fit, and comfort of dentures.

For more information about either dentures or implants as it may pertain specifically to you, please call to schedule a time to meet with Dr. Wong at Mission Park Dental Clinic for personalized consultation.